Yalla Jump Rebound shoes

Yes,  Rebound Shoes are ideally suited for all ages ( 6 to 90+ ), and all fitness levels. People with health problems should first consult their doctor.

Not at all. You will feel comfortable and safe after only a few minutes of use. The Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes are very stable. Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes can be used for running, aerobics, dancing, for all types of exercise!


Wear comfortable socks preferably thick. To protect the skin from the friction caused by the boot, opt for mid-calf length socks. If necessary, for a better fit and optimum comfort, wear 2 pairs of socks.


Yes of course! Excess weight puts extra stress on the joints that support the body, especially the hips and knees. Kangoo Jumps® training is an alternative that is offered to you lighten the stress seen by your joints. 

The IPS- Impact Protection System- helps counteract the effect of overweight on your joint structures. The excessive pressure externed by the overweight is absorbed during the compression of the boots, freeing your joints from this important stress. Do exercise in pleasure and do it intensely while feeling light.

Sedentary and overweight people who want to start a fitness program in Kangoo Jumps® should start with short 5-10 minute sessions, 2-3x a day. Progressively, the sessions can be lengthened to a total of 30minutes of cardiovascular exercises per day. Regular use of Kangoo Jumps® will increase the efficiency of your metabolism, which will lead to a noticeable improvement in your muscle tone, better weight management, and a greater sense of well-being. You will see a significant increase in your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Throughout the sessions, you will be able to exercise for longer.

As always, it’s important to remember that before a new fitness program, you should first consult your doctor.

Because Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes protect your joints. Their patented IPS ( Impact Protection System) reduces the impact to the ground by up to 80%, which makes Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes the lowest impact shoes in the World. A scientific study made at UBC University- Canada, with 2 groups of students, one group wearing Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, the other conventional running shoes, shows that, during the 3 months of the study, 42% of those wearing conventional running shoes got injured, while 0% of those using Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes got any injury.


Many people struggling with knee or hip pain have found the solution in the Kangoo Jumps®. With reduced impacts of more than 80%, your joints will be protected throughout your training sessions. To be convinced, just try it.

We invite you to join us in a group class. It is also possible to try with a certified trainer for individual coaching to meet your needs.


As scientific studies show, you spend about 20% more calories with Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes compared to the same exercises made with conventional shoes. However, this alone does not explain the dramatic weight loss overweight individuals experience when they use Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes.

The secret lies in the lymphatic systems: The lymph is the liquid that circulates in-between our cells, to carry the wastes and toxins, out of our body, keeping it healthy. Most of us are unaware that our bodies contain five times as much lymph fluid as blood. However, our lymphatic system, which is also our immune system, does not have a pump, like the heart, to keep its liquid in motion. It depends on our natural movements for circulation! If we don’t move enough, excess levels of toxin actually clutter or poisons our lymphatic system. In some places, the lymph fluid actually crystallizes into cellulite, which many of us know is hard to eliminate.

Rebound exercise, with Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes, has been found to be the most effective way to ‘re-prime the pump ‘ and keep it going. The lymphatic system also monitors our metabolism. It’s hard to ignore – as we get older we seem to put on more weight, which becomes harder and harder to lose.

Studies have shown that our base metabolic rate, which is the rate that our bodies burn calories, decreases as our lymphatic system becomes less efficient. As this system improves, the increased transfer of nutrients and oxygen into each cell actually helps to remove toxins from our bodies. With regular use of Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes, our base metabolic rate will become increasingly more efficient, resulting in noticeable improvements in our muscle tone and weight management.


Losing the balance is usually the FEAR of the participants, but you get used to it in a very short time. Even if the boots force us to move constantly to keep the balance, we quickly gain confidence in our means. You even catch yourself running and jumping after just a few minutes. You will quickly be convinced of the safety aspect of this product. Because of their design, the large shells ensure your stability. In addition, the strong, non-slip soles provide excellent ground adhesion.

To make your boots more stable and to find your center of gravity, keep your feet a little wider than the hips. Time is allowed to walk / jog at the beginning of each class and allow new participants to be comfortable on boots before starting the workout.

Do not let fear stop you, make the jump with us.


Since practicing Kangoo Jumps® is so fun and euphoric, be careful not to over-train and not exceed your heartbeat limit. When the need for oxygen rises, the heart rate follows and vice versa. Your heart rate (HR) should remain between 64% and 94% of your maximum heart rate.

A beginner should not train in high-intensity zones (94% of the CF). Training at this level can not last very long, so you will need to slow down to continue.

The best method for measuring intensity is the “talk test”. If you have difficulty speaking comfortably during training, it shows a debt of oxygen. When you starting Kangoo Jumps® training, it is normal to interrupt the one-hour session with several walking recovery periods. Over the weeks, the need to slow down will be less and less required.

When you exercise, you should feel short of breath, but not be out of breath.


Training on Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes is NOT recommended for pregnant women.


At their first use, the boots might be rigid. A break-in period is required. The first 15 to 30 minutes of use will help soften the elasticity of the IPS (Impact Protection System). To speed up the break-in period, jump on one foot for 20 jumps and then repeat on your other foot. Then continue with a jog by  transferring weight from one foot to the other. Start with a slow jog and increase the intensity when you are ready. Make sure you always place your weight in the center of the boots and not on your toes or heels. In bouncing, the energy you put is the energy you will get back.

So, do not hesitate to fetish in the pretend!


During the first classes of Kangoo Jumps®, some people find it harder to compress the IPS system. Indeed, it takes a little practice before mastering the technique of rebound compression. So, do not get discouraged and keep practicing. The first step is the compression followed by the extension of the body to finish with the landing which becomes the first step of the next jump.

For example, to perform alternating high knees, raise the right knee by jumping on the left foot. To properly compress the left boot to the ground, transfer your weight to the left. Then add a jump on both feet. Continue by lifting the left knee while compressing the right boot to the ground. Finish with the right boot to the ground. Finish with a jump to two feet. When you master this technique, it bounces with much less effort, which makes you feel lighter. The energy will be returned by the compression system for your enjoyment.

After several classes, if compression still seems difficult and your weight is under 55kg, you can cut the center elastic band. Do not cut the center elastic band unless you have a weight between 45 and 55kg. Refer to the video section of the website for a demonstration of or to cut the center elastic band.


Avoid full meal intake 3 h before training. Because digestion is important it takes precedence over other buddy functions. Some people complain about side stitches when they are exercising. It’s an omen caused by digestion. It is advisable to press where it hurts to make it disappear and to limit the exercises after its appearance. This should disappear in a few minutes after which you will be able to continue the exercise carbohydrate intake (less than 250 kcal) is recommended when the time between meals and physical activity is 1 to 2 hours. For longer periods of 2 – 3 hours, a sustained snack based on carbohydrates and protein is recommended.

And don’t forget to start drinking water before the class! It’s recommended to drink between 150 – 300 ml of water 15 to 30 minutes before the class.


It is advisable to drink from 100 to 200 ml of water every 10 to 15 minutes.


Avoid activities with impacts 20 minutes after a session of Kangoo Jumps®. Give the muscles time to be submitted to gravity again. This explains the feeling of heaviness felt after removing the boots.

Keep your body hydrated! Drink a lot of water.

Adopt healthy lifestyles between classes of Kangoo Jumps and maximize your results.


Kangoo Jumps® has put on the market special color editions. Special editions are recognized by the denomination SE which follows the name of the model. The special editions are distinguished from the basic models only by their variety of colors, the basic design remains the same. Special editions are more expensive to buy.

As for them, PRO boots (90 kg and up) are designed to be stronger and more robust, which explains their higher purchase price.


Depending on the model and the size, the weight is between 1.75kg – 2kg per shoe. This weight will have to be lift at every jump. You will work harder to promote significant and rapid gains in muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


Tell yourself that if a surface is not suitable for jogging with shoes, it is not better for Kangoo Jumps boots. Using them in outdoor sessions can reduce the life of many components.

Be sure to keep the boots clean and dry.


You should clean your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes with a very mild detergent and warm water solution. If you use your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes on or near the beach, you should do this at the completion of your workout. In addition, you should disassemble them and clean thoroughly the T-spring and Shell Junction. This will prevent premature wearing out of the T- Spring. When your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes are dry, you should lubricate your buckles with a small amount of silicone lubricant. You can remove dust from your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes using a clean paintbrush.

The liners are washable in the washing machine at 30°.


This is the component that needs the most attention. We recommend that you replace your T-springs after approximately 50 to 90 hours of use. You can extend the life of your T-Springs by cleaning the shell junction area regularly, especially if you use your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes outside on dusty or sandy paths. To remove dust, use a clean paintbrush and brush away any accumulated debris from the junction point it is also a good idea to turn your T- Springs occasionally.

You can use your T-Springs until they eventually snap. However, you will not get an effective rebound from a T-Spring that is heavily worn.


However, we recommend doing a first test with a certified instructor to be informed of all technical points and specificities related to the practice of Kangoo Jumps®.

This will give you all the tips you need to use Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes, the correct execution of basic movements, the various options for modulating intensity, alternatives for better impact absorption, and the recommended posture on Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes.


They are made of the best materials available. The hard shell boot is made of  PU, which is about 3 times more expensive than the materials used for most in-line skates. Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes are on the market for a few years already, and have been put under very severe strain tests:

  • They are being used by marathon men running at least 10 km per day, for months.
  • They are being used in fitness clubs for up to 3 hours per day, regularly.

So the weak points have already been spotted and improved. Like any other quality product though, Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes do not last forever. We are continually improving our product.

  • They need to be serviced, by replacing the used parts. Any spare part is available to purchase from the webshop

The parts which should be replaced the most frequently are:

a) The Tension Springs

b) The Shells


Yes, all of the components that make up your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are replaceable. You can buy spare parts at our Webshop.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can contact us with any query and we will provide you with a speedy response.  info@yalla-jump.com


It is normal for first-time users of Kangoo Jumps® in Rebound Shoes to experience some discomfort. This is due to the fact that the user is exercising muscles that they may not have, for some time and the foot needs a little time to adapt.

However, some users do experience discomfort in the arches of their feet if they have fallen arches or flat feet. In which case, we recommend that you use support  ( available on our Webshop) inside the Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes. If this is not the case with you, then it may be that you just need to continue to use the Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes. Your foot will adapt and the discomfort will go away. We must stress though, that if the arch of your foot is rubbing and it feels like you may get a blister then, you should get support because this proves the theory that you have a flatter foot on either side.

– Make sure your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes are not too big for your size.

They should rather be a little tight than loose.

– Make sure you are not tightening your straps and buckles too tight.

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes should be a snug fit.




This is due to the Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes correcting the imbalances in your posture. This discomfort is only temporary and will eventually go away after you have used your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes regularly. Though, it is important to remember to not overdo it on your Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes. Start off by using them for 3 to 5 minutes a session, repeating 2 to 3 times a day, and gradually increase to 12 to 15 minutes. Never exceed your level of comfort.

Though, in many cases, non-sportive people have reported no discomfort after using Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes for the first time.


Yalla Jump Classes

Yes, it has been approved by several organizations, including the world’s largest: AFAA Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.


People want to have fun when they exercise. Kangoo Jumps® Rebound Shoes alleviate two major issues with physical training – boredom and safety!

The trend is growing at a rapid pace, one of the key elements being, that buyers love them so much that they recommend them to all their friends!


Avoid activities with impacts 20 minutes after a session of Kangoo Jumps®. Give the muscles time to be submitted to gravity again. This explains the feeling of heaviness felt after removing the boots.

Keep your body hydrated! Drink a lot of water.

Adopt healthy lifestyles between classes of Kangoo Jumps and maximize your results.

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