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The Jumper1 are the rebound footwear that best suits you: your size, your weight and your physical condition.

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Jumper1 Azzure, the power of you.

Jump … at the forefront of the latest generation of jumpers! The ideal solution is to move your body in all directions, also up and down, and feel those moments of weightlessness that won’t let you stop. If you are looking for something fun while you exercise, this is complete and safe, that takes you and you can take it anywhere, what you need is the Jumper1 from Aerower. The exclusive and patented rebound system made in Europe by Aerower is the result of more than 20 years of development and evolution.

The Jumper1 is the rebound footwear that best suits you: your size, your weight and your physical condition. The rebound system incorporated by Aerower prevents the impact of each jump from being transmitted to your body and allows you to jump smoothly almost as if you were floating or walking on a mattress, it’s like having an elastic mini bed on each foot. It is simply fun!

Try it. It is very easy to jump with the Jumpers1. Without help, you just have to start walking and, little by little, jump alternately with each foot. Soon you will feel as agile as a child. Of course, you should pay more attention to what you have on your head than to the ground.

They are also perfect for conducting directed classes jumping to the rhythm of the music or going for a run and improving your workouts, with which you avoid the risks of injury thanks to the reduction of the impact on your joints and the musculoskeletal system even in 80%. You will notice a better an in your physical state and greater agility after using them. Jumpers1 allow for great physical activity even for those with physical conditions that prevent them from doing many other types of exercise.


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HARD (85-110KG), LIGHT (50-85KG), SOFT (20-50KG)


L (EU 39-41), M (EU 37-38), S (EU 34-36), XL (EU 42-45)


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