How to Choose the Right Rebound Shoes for Your Workout?

Rebounding can quickly become a favorite exercise for fitness enthusiasts. The introduction of rebound shoes has been a game-changer in the fitness world, injecting fun and effectiveness into various routines. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned rebounder, the right choice of rebound shoes is crucial. It makes your workout enjoyable and safe and empowers you to steer your fitness journey in the right direction.

In this text, we will introduce you to the basic models of rebound shoes and help you navigate the critical factors while choosing the perfect pair for your fitness needs.

Get to know the types of rebound shoes

You can find Rebound shoes in different designs and features adapted to fitness goals. Two of the most popular brands worldwide are Aerower Rebound Shoes and Kangoo Jumps. Although both brands are dedicated to making great rebound products, there are slight differences in design and technology that can meet specific needs.

Aerower Rebound Shoes

These shoes emphasize comfort and flexibility, making them highly suitable for dance exercises, interval training, and general fitness routines.

Kangoo Jumps

They are known for their robust construction and extensive cushioning, which makes them ideal for aerobic exercises and intensive cardio sessions.

Consider shoe fit and size

Ensuring the proper fit of your rebound shoes is not just about comfort; it’s also about preventing injuries. Ensure they don’t pinch or feel too narrow or wide when trying on a pair. Remember that new boots might initially feel rigid and require a break-in period. Your toes should have ample room to move, and your heel should feel secure. To determine the perfect size, we recommend trying on the shoes with the type of socks you plan to wear during your workouts.

Wear comfortable, preferably thick socks. Opt for mid-calf socks to protect the skin from the friction caused by the boot. Wear two pairs of socks for a better fit and optimum comfort if necessary.

Evaluate cushioning and support

Rebound shoes rely on their cushioning system to absorb impact and provide a rebound effect. Check the level of cushioning and support the shoe offers. If you have joint problems or prefer a softer bounce, choose shoes with more cushioning. Conversely, choose shoes with moderate cushioning if you’re looking for a firmer jump for agility and speed.

Check the weight of the shoes.

The weight of bounce shoes can affect training performance. Lighter shoes are generally better for agility and speed exercises, while heavier shoes can provide more stability and support for strength training. Depending on the model and the size, the weight is between 1.75kg – 2kg per shoe. This weight will have to be lifted at every jump. You will work harder to promote significant and rapid muscular and cardiovascular endurance gains.

Look for durability and quality

Investing in high-quality bounce shoes ensures longevity and better performance. Look for shoes made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Read reviews and seek recommendations to find brands and models known for their reliability and quality construction.

Evaluate the shoe design.

Design and aesthetics may not directly affect performance but can affect motivation and enjoyment. Choose bounce shoes that match your style and excite you to use them. Bright colors, sleek designs, and additional features like adjustable straps can enhance your workout experience.

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Try before you buy

If possible, rent rebound shoes to test comfort and performance. Many specialized rebounding shops offer rentals so you can test different models. If you’re buying online, check the return policy to ensure you can exchange or return the shoes if they don’t meet your expectations.

Seek expert advice

Feel free to ask rebound shoe experts or experienced users for advice. They can provide insight based on their knowledge and experience, helping you make an informed decision.


Choosing the right bounce shoes for your workout can significantly improve your fitness routine. By understanding your fitness goals and considering factors such as fit, cushioning, weight, and durability, you can find the perfect pair of bounce shoes tailored to your needs. Whether jumping through a high-intensity cardio session or enjoying a fun dance workout, the right bounce shoes will help you soar to new heights on your fitness journey.


Does Rebounding really work?

Rebounding, or Kangoo Jumps, is an effective muscle-strengthening and weight-loss exercise. Jogging or exercising with jump shoes is one of the most effective long-term exercise methods because it removes boredom while achieving outstanding results in the long run.