Kangoo Jumps products are warranted by the Official Distributor in the UAE, Yalla Jumps for S.T.T L.L.C

We have a guarantee of 12 months on the case, 90 days on the components and accessories, from the date on which the products were purchased, with the condition to respect all the recommendations on the maintenance and use.

The product purchased is not a long use product and needs to be utilized and taken care of like stated in the maintenance recommendation. The guarantee is accorded to products that show deficiency from production or of material. The defects which appear after the physical use, in normal utilization, or in an inadequate utilization, are excluded from the warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and materials. If found to be defective, replacement or repair will be authorized subject to the following limitations.

The Warranty shall be in effect for 12 months from the date of purchase (exemptions are the shells, T-springs and soles, which has a 90-day warranty)

The warranty is valid for defects in materials or workmanship only and does not include normal wear & tear.

The Official Distributor’s sole liability from this sale and this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of defective product or component. If the boot portion is defective, the entire product will be replaced. If a component is defective, only that component will be replaced

Money return on product/products
Replacement of the product with another product Price reduction depending on the nature of the qualitative deficiency

In this case, when you want to change a product, you can do this in 5 days from the date you purchased it. For the resolution of the change, please present the product, completely, new, in the original package, with the afferent labels.

Worn/used products are excluded from the product replacement, no matter the times they were worn/used.


The information below is for customers in the UAE who bought their KJ rebound boots or accessories or replacement parts from Yalla Jumps for Sports Tools Trading L.L.C


If you are not happy with the products purchased, you can return them and we will return the counter value of your products.

Our clients can return the purchased products, in the original package without usage signs or contamination, within 5 calendar days of receipt

*Customer pays a restocking fee of AED xx to change the liner of the returned boots. (Covid restrictions)

The boots must be in new condition with no signs of wear, with all original product inserts, boxes, and accessories.

If the returned boots do not meet this requirement, Yalla Jump for Sports Tools Trading L.L.C will refuse or charge a re-stocking fee of up to 50% of the original price of the product. (depends on the condition of the boots)

The return of the products will be done supported by the client. After the package’s collection and if the return conditions are met (no smudge, no stink, a sign of usage, etc.), our company will return the counter value of the order in a maximum of 30 days, after the goods were returned. The sum returned for the client does not include the transport fees. The consumer (client) has the right to inform the commercial in a written form, that he or she cancels the purchase, without penalties, if the motives are alleged (and proven with a photo), is related to the execution quality and/or to the used materials, other than in the description, nonconforming sizing with the ones in the description and the product presentation. Invocation of a motive, in a term of 5 calendars days from the date the product was handed over.

Return announced in advance, only in written form, on the email address from the contact page with the mention of the order number, full name, and your address, like the code of the product, which you wish to return.

Buyer must request returns via email:

Accessories and replacement parts cannot be returned.

Any return, which does not respect the conditions above will be refused


You can exchange Kangoo Jumps rebound boots within 5days of receipt. Yalla Jump for STT L.L.C will send you the exchanged item in 3 business days after receipt of the returned item. The product must be in new condition with no signs of wear, with all original product inserts, boxes, and accessories. Customer pays the Delivery

Charges on Exchanging Goods. The customer also pays a restocking fee of AED xx to change the liner of the returned boots. ( Covid restrictions)

The consumer has the right to relinquish from the purchase in the below situations:

– The product is deteriorated or defect

– You received another product like you order

– Difference between the product’s image on the shop, and the one you received is evident, and it can be proven (color difference included with the exception of a shade difference).

Buyer must request exchange via email: Accessories and replacement parts cannot be exchanged


Cancellation of an order is allowed 6 hours after the purchase has been made. You can cancel your order by sending an email to:

We do not accept cancellations over the phone or in text messages.



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